Create a Jira Issue when a Bolt run complete with errors


This guide will show you how to set up an integration between Paradime and Jira using Paradime Webhooks and Zapier.

At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to create a Jira Issue every time a Bolt schedule fails including details of the Bolt schedule.


For this integration, make sure you have the following:

Create a new Zap in Zapier

To trigger an action each time a webhook event is delivered in Zapier, create a new Zap with Webhooks by Zapier as the Trigger and Catch Hook as the Event.

Press Continue, and copy the webhook URL. You will need this to connect Zapier to Paradime.

Configure a new Webhook in Paradime

In Paradime navigate to Account Settings and select Webhooks from the left Panel. Now you can click on + Add Endpoint to configure your webhook.

  • Enter the webhook URL generated by Zapier in the previews step

  • Add a description for your webhook integration (optional)

  • Filter to include in the event only the event

When done, click on Create to setup the webhook.

Now that the integration is configured, to help with the next steps:

  • Trigger a Bolt Run

  • When the Bolt Run is completed, in Zapier, click on test trigger to receive a Bolt event which can be used to setup and test the Zapier action.

Configure a Zapier filter

Now let's filter the webhook events for Bolt schedule completed with status: error or failed. This will ensure that Linear Issues only for Bolt schedules completed with errors.

Add a Only continue if... step in Zapier, choose the Status field from the webhook response and filter for the condition to filer when status exactly match error or failed.

Click Continue. If the example Bolt run for your Zap setup matches any of the mentioned states, a confirmation message will display, indicating the Zap will proceed.

Configure Jira action

Finally add another step to your Zap and select the Jira action. From the menu, select the event Create Issue and click on Continue.

You will now need to authenticate to your Jira account and establish a connect. When completed you can setup the action to create a Jira Issue using Bolt Webhook events when a run completed with errors.

Here you will be able to template the Title and Description of the Jira Issue using any of the available metadata fields from the Paradime Webhook JSON payload.

Test and deploy your Zap

When done, you can click on Continue and Test your Zap, and finally click on the Publish button to go live. Each time a Bolt run will complete with errors, a new Jira Issue will be created 🙌.

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