Configuring Redshift PrivateLink

AWS PrivateLink is an AWS service for creating private VPC endpoints that allow direct, secure connectivity without traversing the public Internet.

Redshift Serverless

  1. On the running Redshift cluster, select the desired namespace.

  1. In the Namespace configuration view, in the Workgroup tab, select the relevant workgroup name.

  1. In the Granted accounts section, click Grant access.

  2. Choose Grant access to all VPCs and enter Paradime AWS account ID. Contact the Paradime support team to request it.

  1. When done , submit to the Paradime Support team the below information:

  • Type: Redshift-managed

  • Redshift cluster name

  • Redshift cluster AWS account ID

  • Redshift cluster AWS Region (e.g., us-east-1, eu-west-2)

Once received, the Paradime team will complete the PrivateLink setup and share the Redshift Endpoint URL to establish the connection when setting up teh Paradime workspace.

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