BigQuery connection


Make sure to allow traffic from one of the Paradime IPs in your firewall depending on the data location selected.

👉 See also: Paradime IP addresses.

We advise creating a new BigQuery Service Account and grant the suggested access required to create tables and views your Production BigQuery project.

Create a service account

To create a service account in BigQuery, follow the detailed steps in Google Cloud's Creating and managing service account keys.

Required permissions

This set of permissions will enable Paradime to read from and create tables and views when running production jobs in you BigQuery project.

BigQuery Data Editor
BigQuery User

Add Production Connection

To add the BigQuery Production connection, go to account settings > connections, select Production Environment and enter the required fields.

Fields Details

Below are list of fields and example to create a connection.


Profile Name

The profile name set in your dbt_project.yaml . See more here.



The target name used to identify the connection. See more here.


Dataset Location

The location of BigQuery datasets can be configured using the location configuration in a BigQuery profile.

Location can be either a multi-regional location (e.g. EU, US), or a regional location (e.g. europe-west2 ). See more here.


Service AccountService Account JSON

The service account JSON file created for this service user.


Execution Project ID (Optional)

You can specify an Execution Project ID to bill for query execution, instead of the project where you materialize your resources. See more here.

(Optional) analytics-global-project


The default dataset used to build dbt™️ objects at runtime.



The number of threads used in this connection. See more here.


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