You must use the git@... or ssh:... version of your git URL, not the https://... version. Paradime uses the SSH protocol to clone repositories, so Paradime will be unable to clone repos supplied with the HTTP protocol.

BitBucket Cloud

Bitbucket Cloud does not support Read/Write access key at a repository level. So we will need to add our SSH key to a user in your Bitbucket account.

While the SSH key can be owned by any member of your organization, the user must have write access to the repository. To enable write access, the user must be either the owner, have explicit write access granted to them, or be a member of a group with write permissions to the repository.

We advise creating a service account user in your Bitbucket account like with write access to the repository and let this user own the SSH key.

To add a deploy key to a BitBucket Cloud user account, navigate to the "SSH keys" tab in the Personal Settings page of your BitBucket Cloud account.

Next, click the "Add key" button and paste in the deploy key generated by Paradime for your repository. After saving this SSH key, Paradime will be able to read and write files in your BitBucket repository.

BitBucket Server

Bitbucket Server support SSH access key for system use to have Read/Write access.

To add a Deploy key to a Bitbucket Server repository, navigate to the Settings tab of the repository. Click on Access keys and then Add key.

Make sure to choose the Read/Write permission, paste the Key generated by Paradime and click Add Key. Paradime will be able to read and write files in your BitBucket repository.

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