Users and licences


In the Paradime platform, the mechanism for controlling and managing access to your account involves the use of licenses. This approach ensures a structured and secure way to allocate user permissions and roles.

To accommodate various levels of access and responsibility, Paradime offers three distinct types of licences:

  • Active seats — These can develop code using the Paradime Code IDE, manage and run production schedules using Bolt and access other Paradime features.

  • Read-Only seats — These have read-only access to the platform and can view Catalog, Lineage and Production schedules logs.

  • Management seats* — Can manage users, groups, and licenses, among other permissions at the account level or workspace level.

*Management seats are available only on the Security Pack.


In Paradime, we have a set of roles available depending on the selected tier. We only charge for Active Seats, in other words - for users with write access to the Paradime Development Environment and/or Production Environment.

Business users have only read-only access and you can have unlimited business users signed up to the Paradime platform. These do not count towards the active usage seats.

Management seats are available only on Paradime Security Pack and do not count towards the active usage seats.

Refer to Paradime Pricing Plans for more information about licenses available within each plan.

Role typeActive seatsRead-Only Management


Workspace Admin*




Workspace Settings Admin*

Security Admin*

Billing Admin*

Role Types with marked with (*) are available only on the Paradime Security Pack.

For details on the default roles and permissions associated with the standard Paradime Tiers, click the following link:

pageDefault Roles and Permissions

For details on Paradime role-based access control feature included with the Paradime Security Pack, click the following link:

pageRole-based access control

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