Paradime enables you to create outbound webhooks for events from your Paradime production runs. These events can be used to provide real-time updates in other applications.

Using webhooks, you can create more automation and expand to new use cases previously not possible, for example:

  • Get a notification for a failed dbt™ run in Slack as a message and for every additional failure of the same schedule, get notified as threads

  • Get notified of run statuses in Microsoft Teams

  • Create incidents in PagerDuty, OpsGenie, Splunk, incident.io, FireHydrant or other tools if a schedule fails

  • Create custom notifications in Slack or Teams depending on schedule name, schedule severity

  • When schedule fails, automatically create tickets in Jira, Linear, or any other tool and assign the ticket to the schedule owner

  • Hook up to Zapier or make.com and connect to 1000+ applications and unlock infinite possibilities

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