File editing features

Side by Side editing

You can also drag and drop files in the editor to create new editor groups and move editors between groups.

Markdown Preview

You can preview your Markdown files by clicking on the markdown preview button on the top-right of your selected .md file. The preview tab will update automatically as you edit your markdown file.

Multi cursor selection

Keyboard Shortcut:

  • macOS ⌘D

  • Windows Ctrl+D

Using ⌘D you can select the next occurrence after the one you selected, so you can add a cursor to next occurrences of the current selection one by one.

Copy line up / down

Keyboard Shortcut:

  • macOS⇧⌥↑ or ⇧⌥↓

  • Windows Shift+Alt↑ or Shift+Alt+↓

Move line up and down

Keyboard Shortcut:

  • macOS ⌥↑ or ⌥↓

  • Windows Alt↑ or Alt+↓

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