Find & Replace

Global Find & Replace

In the Paradime IDE you can find and replace across multiple files in your repository. Open the find and replace panel and enter the term you want to search for.

Additionally you can use advance search to toggle:

  • Match Case

  • Match Whole Word

  • User Regular Expressions

  • Include Ignored Files

Open the Search Details Toggle to choose with file to include or exclude in your search results.

Click on the accordion to enable the input where you can add the term you want to use to replace you search item with.

You can then choose to replace each file individually or select the option Replace All

Current open file Find & Replace

Paradime allows you to quickly find text and replace it in the currently opened file. Press ⌘F on macOS CTRL+F on Windows to open the Find Widget in the editor, search results will be highlighted in the editor, overview ruler and minimap.

If there is more than one matched result in the current opened file, you can press Enter and ⇧Enter to navigate to the next or previous result when the find input box is focused.

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