Find & Replace

Global Find & Replace

In the Paradime IDE you can find and replace across multiple files in your repository. Open the find and replace panel 🔍 and enter the term you want to search for.

Advanced Search Toggles

You can refine your search using advanced search toggles:

Advanced Search ToggleDescriptionExample

Match Case

Match the exact case of the search term.

Search term: Date Matches: Date Does not match: date

Match Whole Word

Match the whole word only.

Search term: date Matches: date Does not match: order_date

Use Regular Expressions

Use regular expressions for more complex searches.

Search term: date* Matches: date, dates, dated Does not match: database, mandate

Include Ignored Files

Include files types are ignored by the search (e.g., files listed in .gitignore).

Search term: date Matches: date in files like .md, .json, .log, etc.

Current open file Find & Replace

Paradime allows you to quickly find text and replace it in the currently opened file. Press ⌘F on macOS or CTRL+F on Windows to open the Find widget in the editor. Thesearch results will be highlighted in the editor, overview ruler and minimap.

If there is more than one matched result in the current opened file, you can press Enter and ⇧Enter to navigate to the next or previous result when the find input box is focused.

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