Configuring Snowflake PrivateLink

AWS PrivateLink is an AWS service for creating private VPC endpoints that allow direct, secure connectivity between your AWS VPCs and the Snowflake VPC without traversing the public Internet.

For additional information refer to the Snowflake docs here.

Open a Snowflake Support Case

In Snowflake, you will firs need to open a Support Case to allow access from the Paradime AWS account. More info here.

You will need to provide in your Support case the Paradime AWS account ID. Contact with the Paradime team at

To submit your Support request in Snowflake, you will need to have ACCOUNTADMIN to your Snowflake instance.

After completing the above step you will need to retrieve your Snowflake private link configuration and share these with the Paradime team to complete the setup.

Run the below command in Snowflake:


This will return the below information that will need to be shared with the Paradime team to complete the Private Link setup.

  "regionless-snowsight-privatelink-url": "<privatelink_org_snowsight_url>",
  "privatelink-account-name": "<account_identifier>",
  "snowsight-privatelink-url": "<privatelink_region_snowsight_url>",
  "privatelink-internal-stage": "<privatelink_stage_endpoint>",
  "privatelink-account-url": "<privatelink_account_url>",
  "privatelink-connection-urls": "<privatelink_connection_url_list>",
  "privatelink-ocsp-url": "<privatelink_ocsp_url>",
  "privatelink-vpce-id": "<aws_vpce_id>"

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