Filters and Nodes interaction

Filter your lineage view

Your lineage can be complex and hard to understand, especially when you have many dependencies. To help you make sense of it all, use node filters to add/remove nodes from your lineage view.

Use the reset button on the control panel and reset the filters to default values.

Using filters to include/exclude by type

Use the controller to navigate back to the default view and select nodes. From the menu select which node type you want to include/exclude and click on the button to confirm your selection.

You lineage view will update in real-time.

Working with node level interaction

You can also interact with each individual node on the canvas to progressively remove items you are not interested form your lineage view.

You can hide parent/children of a select node, or the node itself. Click on the "more" button to open the context menu and see your options for a selected node.

Refocus your lineage view

While exploring your lineage you might want to refocus your view and see all upstream dependencies based on a new dbt™️ model or BI tool node.

Click on the "more" button to open the context menu and select refocus node. The lineage will then re-compute based on your selection.

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