Available Radar Dashboards

Gain insights and optimize your analytics engineering platform operations with Paradime's Radar Dashboards. These dashboards provide detailed analytics to help you analyze and improve key aspects of your operations, including:

Each dashboard is tailored to provide specific insights and actionable information, ensuring your team can make informed decisions to drive efficiency and effectiveness in your data operations.


The Schedules Dashboard allows teams to efficiently manage and optimize dbt™ schedules, utilizing Paradime's integration with Bolt.

Key Insights

  • Execution Efficiency: Quickly identify time-intensive schedules to find efficiency gains.

  • Reliability Analysis: Pinpoint schedules with high failure rates to bolster reliability.

By leveraging these key insights, teams can streamline their dbt™ schedule management, enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring the reliability of their data pipelines.


Gain insights into your data model performance and dependencies with Paradime's Models Dashboard.

Key Insights

  • Execution Efficiency: Quickly identify time-intensive models to find efficiency gains.

  • Reliability Analysis: Pinpoint models that fail frequently to bolster reliability.

Materialization Strategy Optimization: Analyze models by materialization type to optimize resource usage and reduce costs.

By leveraging these key insights, teams can optimize their data model performance, ensuring efficient data processing and enhancing the reliability of their data pipelines.


Gain insights into the freshness and health of your data sources with Paradime's Sources Dashboard.

Key Insights

  • Source Freshness Overview: Quickly assess the freshness status of your source tables.

  • Current Source Tables Status Details: View detailed information about the current freshness status of source tables.

Source Health Monitoring: Monitor the overall health of your data sources.

Leveraging these key insights enables teams to proactively manage the freshness and health of their data sources, ensuring the reliability and accuracy of downstream analytics processes.


Gain insights into your data testing outcomes with Paradime's Tests Dashboard.

Key Insights

  • Test Execution and Daily Monitoring: Monitor the current status of your dbt™ tests, including passed, warn, errored, failed, and skipped tests, and keep track of your dbt™ test results on a daily basis to ensure project data quality.

  • Top Models with Test Failures: Identify dbt™ models with the highest number of errored and warn tests in your project.

By leveraging these key insights, teams can ensure the integrity and reliability of their data through effective testing practices.


The Work Dashboard provides insights into team productivity and collaboration, empowering teams to analyze and improve their workflows effectively.

Key Insights

  • Pull Request Performance: Gain visibility into the performance of pull requests to assess team productivity and code quality.

  • Commit Analysis: Understand the distribution of commits by type (bug fix vs. feature) and identify top contributors to the codebase.

  • User Contribution Insights: Analyze code contributions by user and type (feature vs. bug fix) to understand individual contributions to the codebase.

By leveraging these key insights, teams can track their progress, identify areas for improvement, and enhance overall productivity and collaboration in their development processes.


The Costs Dashboard provides insights to help teams analyze and control warehouse spend, offering a comprehensive overview of expenses related to Snowflake and dbt™️ operations.

Key Insights

  • Cost Breakdown: Understand daily costs by service type (query, cloud services, compute) to pinpoint areas for optimization.

  • Resource Allocation: Identify top users and roles driving query spend to ensure efficient resource utilization and accountability.

  • Query Efficiency: Analyze cost implications of dbt™️ node types and identify expensive queries to optimize data transformation workflows.

Leverage these insights to optimize warehouse spend, streamline resource allocation, and enhance operational efficiency.

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