View Bolt runs logs

Bolt provides an overview of all the schedules configured in your Paradime workspace. You can use the Bolt app to view details of all schedules and run logs for each run.

Bolt Schedules list

The Bolt home screen lists all schedule names parsed, both UI-based and YML-Based.

Here you can view preview details of each schedule:

  • Name: name of the schedule

  • Status: current status of a schedule names

  • Last run: date and time of when the schedule was last triggered

  • Next run: time the scheduler will trigger the selected schedule name

  • Cron configuration

  • Owner: (if configured)

Inactive Schedules

Removing a schedules from the paradime_schedules.yml file or deleting a UI-based schedule will mark these as inactive. A schedule can become inactive if:

  • The schedule name is deleted

  • The name of a schedule is modified

By clicking on the schedule name now inactive, you will be able to view the configuration of a schedule before it became inactive as well as all historical runs and logs. An inactive schedule cannot be manually triggered from the UI.

Schedule details

To view details of a schedule name and all historical runs, navigate to the Bolt app in Radar, and click on the schedule name.

Here you will be able to view the schedule configuration details:

Schedule name overview

  • Next run: time the scheduler will trigger the selected schedule name

  • Cron configuration

  • Branch: The branch name used when running the schedule (if no branch is configured in the paradime_schedules.yml paradime will use your default branch)

  • Owner: (if configured)

  • dbt™️ version: The dbt™️ version used in the production environment

  • Notify: (if configured), the details of where paradime will send notifications for the selected schedule name

Run History

In the Run History section, you can view all the run executed for the selected schedules including:

  • Status: status of the specific runID

  • Trigger: if the runID was manually triggered or if it is a run triggered as per the cron figuration by the paradime scheduler

  • Branch and commit: the branch name and commit SHA used when running the schedule

  • Timing: details of when the runId was executed and how long it took to complete

  • RunID: unique identifier of the run

Run details

To view details of a specific runID and the command executed by the paradime scheduler, simply click on a runID in the run history list for a selected schedule name. Here we display all the details of a schedule name runID as well as the list of the commands configured in the paradime_schedules.yml file.

The run Logs interface provides the status and elapsed time of each step executed for the selected runID. You can click on each run step to expand the section and view the output logs of each.

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