Running dbt™️ in production

With Paradime, you can run dbt™️ jobs on a schedule. These are commonly referred to as 'production jobs' and are used to create tables and views in your database. These resources are utilized by your organization through Business Intelligence tools and end-user queries.

Paradime offers two distinct methods for running dbt™️ schedules in production:

  • YAML-Based Schedules: Create, edit, and update your dbt™️ schedules in the paradime_schedules.yml file, which is located in your Git repository.

  • UI-Based Schedules: Create, edit, and update your dbt™️ schedules within the user interface. The UI-based approach provides the same functionality as the YAML-based approach.

Regardless of the method used, you need to connect a production environment to Paradime before running your dbt jobs in production.

Production environment

In paradime there are no limits on schedule runs concurrency 🚀.

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