ThoughtSpot dbt™️ sync (Private Beta)

Paradime's ThoughtSpot's dbt™️ sync simplifies integrating dbt™️ models by automatically generate ThoughtSpot Worksheets for data searching directly from Paradime.


This guide assumes you already have created a connection in ThoughtSpot to your external cloud data warehouse: Amazon Redshift, Databricks, Google BigQuery, or Snowflake.

  • Connect the Paradime ThoughtSpot integration.

  • Create a new Bolt Schedule in Paradime, called thoughtspot_dbt_sync , configure this to execute dbt docs generate. Choose a Cron schedules that represent your development lifecycle. Start with @daily and adjust as needed. We will use this Bolt schedule to generate the artifacts needed by ThoughtSpot to create Worksheets.

  • Execute successfully the thoughtspot_dbt_sync Bolt schedule at least once.

Sync your dbt™️ models to ThoughtSpot

You can set up your dbt™️ sync by navigating to Bolt and then select ToughtSpot dbt™️ sync from the left panel. To sync dbt™️ and create ThoughtSpot Worksheets:

  1. Click on Get All Models to get a list of all dbt™️ models in your project, here we will use the latest artifacts for the Bolt Schedule called thoughtspot_dbt_sync.

  2. From the list, select the models you want to use to sync and create ThoughtSpot Worksheets and click on Go To Summary.

  3. Enter the connection name of your data warehouse, configured in ThoughtSpot connection.

  4. Enter the database name for your ToughtSpot connection. This database must contain the tables that are created from your dbt models.

  5. When done hit the Sync to ThoughtSpot button to intiate the sync and start generating ThoughtSpot Worksheets.

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