This documentation provides a comprehensive guide on utilizing DinoAI's suite of AI features.

DinoAI, developed by Paradime, elevates analytics engineering with AI-powered tools to enhance productivity and streamline SQL and dbt™ development. DinoAI features include:

  • Commit Messages: This feature automatically crafts detailed commit messages, facilitating better communication within teams.

  • Copilot: A sophisticated assistant in your editor, the Copilot provides custom code suggestions to improve your workflow.

  • Autocomplete: Enhance your coding speed with intelligent autocomplete suggestions that align with your project’s structure.

  • Chat Panel: Similar to ChatGPT, this feature offers real-time assistance for coding questions, directly within the editor.

Discover detailed instructions on how to utilize each DinoAI feature, along with step-by-step video tutorials, below.

Commit Messages

DinoAI's Commit Messages feature automatically generates detailed commit messages tailored to your specific code changes, enhancing communication within your team.

How to Use

  1. Make changes to your code.

  2. Click on "Write Commit" in the Git Lite panel.

  3. Review the AI-generated commit message. If unsatisfied, click "Write Commit" again for a new suggestion.

  4. Commit and Push your changes

Commit Message feature is only available for Git Lite users.



Copilot, powered by the "dino;" command, is an intelligent code generator within your editor, offering custom code suggestions based on your dbt™ project’s structure and content.

How to Use

  1. To initiate Copilot, type "ask dino;" command in any .sql file in the Editor.

  2. Enter your code request in the prompt (e.g., "create a dbt model for [model name]") and either press "Enter" or click "Submit".

  3. Review the suggestion provided by Copilot. If it doesn't meet your needs, press "Enter" or click "Regenerate" for new suggestions, or refine your request.

  4. Click "Accept" to implement the suggested code.



Autocomplete, powered by the “/dino/” command, provides smart autocompletion for SQL and dbt™ code, streamlining the creation of queries, columns, calculations, etc.

How to Use

  1. Begin by typing code in any .sql file in the Editor.

  2. Type "/dino/" to trigger autocomplete suggestions.

  3. Press "Tab" to accept, or "Esc" to cancel.

  4. The selected code will automatically fill into your model.


Chat Panel

The Chat Panel offers a ChatGPT-like interface within the editor, providing real-time coding assistance. Whether it's SQL formatting help, complex code generation, or a random question, .the Chat Panel delivers accurate and helpful responses.

How to Use

  1. Click on the 'Chat Panel' icon on the left side of the Editor.

  2. Type your question or coding request and hit "Enter"

  3. Review the Chat Panel’s response for code suggestions or advice.


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