Slack alerts

Paradime integrates natively with Elementary CLI to enable you to generate report and/or send alerts using the Bolt scheduler out of the box. No additional installation required.

Configure Slack

1. Create a Slack app

Go to the Slack page to create apps and create a new app (from scratch). You can call this it "Paradime Alerts" and connect it to the workspace of your choice. You can add the Paradime logo for the Bot. Download this here.

2. Create a Slack token

Go to the "OAauth & Permissions" page for your newly-created app, and add the following scopes under "Bot Token Scopes":

  • channels:join - Join public channels in a workspace

  • channels:read - View basic information about public channels in a workspace

  • chat:write - Send messages as <app>

  • files:write - Upload, edit, and delete files as <app>

  • users:read - View people in a workspace

  • - View email addresses of people in a workspace

  • groups:read - View basic information about private channels that your slack app has been added to

3. Install app at your Workspace and add to your alerts Slack Channel

At the "OAuth & Permissions" page, press on "Install to Workspace" in order to generate Slack token:

Configure a Bolt schedule with Elementary CLI

You can use a runtime environment variable to pass your Slack token to the edr command at runtime. Check our docs here.

Alert on tests and models

Configure a Bolt schedule with the edr monitor CLI command at the end. Ideally this should be the command after your dbt runs and tests:

dbt run
dbt test
edr monitor --slack-token <your_slack_token> --slack-channel-name <slack_channel_to_post_at>

Alert on source freshness failures

To alert on source freshness, you will need to run edr run-operation upload-source-freshness right after each execution of dbt source freshness. This operation will upload the results to a table, and the execution of edr monitor will send the actual alert.

  • Note that dbt source freshness and upload-source-freshness needs to run from the same machine.

  • Note that upload-source-freshness requires passing --project-dir argument.

dbt source freshness
edr run-operation upload-source-freshness --project-dir .
edr monitor --slack-token <your_slack_token> --slack-channel-name <slack_channel_to_post_at>

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