Paradime provides an integration with the Harlequin - an easy, fast, and feature rich database client for the terminal.

This enabled you to query and explore data in your MotherDuck or DuckDB local database directly fromr the Paradime Code ID.

Using Harlequin with MotherDuck or your local DuckDB database

Open the Paradime terminal and run one of the following commands:

  • To launch Harlequin and connect to MotherDuck run:

harlequin "md:"
  • To launch Harlequin and connect to your local DuckDB database run:

harlequin "path/to/duck.db"


Data Catalog

View tables, columns, and their types across one or more attached databases.

Query Editor

A full-featured editor: autocomplete, open, save, format, cut, copy, paste, and more. Supports multiple tabbed buffers!

Results Viewer

View 1M+ results in an interactive table. Multiple queries loaded into separate tabs.

Full Screen

Need more room? Press F10 to view the Editor or Results in full-screen mode. Need even more space? right-click on the terminal tab and select Toggle Maximized to expand to full screen mode.

Results Export

Export query results and configure the export using a helpful UI.

To access all of the above features and more, check the Harlequin docs at the link below.

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