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re_data is an open-source data reliability framework for modern data stack, it focuses on observing the dbt™️ project.
Paradime integrates natively with re_data CLI to enable you to develop and view your data reliability report.
Check the re_data guide on how you can configure computing metrics & anomalies for your dbt™️ models & sources.
See also re_data docs reference here:
Make sure to first setup the re_data dbt™️ package in your dbt™️ project.

re_data in development

Paradime supports re_data CLI so that you can compute re_data metrics, generate the reliability UI. Check re_data CLI docs here.
After you re_data overview in the Paradime terminal, this will generate an HTML and JSON files and saves by default in the target folder specified in the dbt™️ project.
To preview the reliability UI from re_data directly from Paradime, using the terminal, navigate to the target/re_data folder in your dbt™️ project and run the below command:
$ paradime serve
You can then click on the generated URL in your terminal to open the re_data UI in a new browser tab and explore your report.
When done serving the re_data reliability UI, use Ctrl+C to interrupt the process in the terminal.

re_data in production

You can run re_data CLI in production using Paradime Bolt scheduler. Simply add re_data CLI command to the command configuration in your production run.
- name: run_with_re_data
schedule: "*/10 * * * *"
environment: production
- dbt seed
- dbt run
- dbt test
- re_data run #re_data command to compute re_data reliability data
- re_data overview #re_data command to generate re_data report
owner_email: "[email protected]"
- passed
- failed
- "#data-alerts"
- "@john"
- passed
- failed