Customizing Dashboards

Discover how to customize Radar dashboards for data filtering and chart visualization, enhancing your data team's capabilities.

Radar dashboards offer customization options to tailor data visualization to your team's specific needs. There are two main customization avenues available:

Data Filtering

Radar dashboards allow for precise data filtering, enabling teams to view metrics that matter most. You can filter data based on:

  • Date Ranges: Select specific time frames to focus on relevant data periods.

  • Field Values: Filter by various criteria, such as Schedule Name, Test Name, and others, to drill down into detailed insights.

A step-by-step video tutorial is available to guide you through the data filtering process, ensuring you can efficiently refine your data views.

Chart Customization

Optimize the visual appeal and functionality of your dashboard with comprehensive chart customization options. Tailor each element to meet your team's unique needs and enhance data interpretation. Available customizations include:

  • Adjust Chart Sizes: Dynamically resize charts to complement your dashboard layout, ensuring optimal use of space and readability.

  • Rename Charts and Sections: Customize chart and section names for a direct reflection of their underlying data, enhancing navigability and relevance.

  • Add/Edit Chart Headers: Update chart headers to succinctly convey the essence of the data presented, facilitating at-a-glance comprehension.

  • Add New Charts: Expand your dashboard's analytical depth by adding new charts, allowing for a broader spectrum of data visualization and insights.

A step-by-step video tutorial is available to guide you through the chart customization process, from basic adjustments to adding entirely new visual elements.

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