Get Started

Step-by-step guide to setting up Paradime's Radar dashboard, enabling access to productivity and cost efficiency metrics.

Paradime's Radar dashboard empowers data teams with over 60 out-of-the-box metrics designed to measure, analyze, and enhance team productivity.

To get started, click on Radar from your Paradime home screen. This will take you to the "Quick Setup" guide where you'll complete four essential setup steps.

Quick Setup

Connect to a Production Data Warehouse

To access metrics related to Bolt Schedules (production jobs), connect to a production data warehouse if you haven't already.

Create a Bolt Schedule

After you've connected to a production data warehouse, you must also have a Bolt Schedule currently in production. A Bolt Schedule can be created through the user interface or through the paradime_schedules.yml file within your dbt™ project.

Connect to GitHub

To view metrics related to team performance, connect to your GitHub account via the integrations page.

Setup Snowflake Cost Connection

To set up Snowflake cost performance, refer to the Snowflake setup guide.

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