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Google SAML provides secure identity management and single sign-on to applications that you can add to your Google Workspace account. You and your users can log in to and access applications such as Paradime without having to log in to each application and using your Google credentials.
Google SAML supports applications that support SAML 2.0, such as Paradime.
This page describes how to configure SSO-support with SAML 2.0 using Google.

Configuring SAML 2.0

  1. 1.
    Login to your Google Administrator Account (
Apps Home
  1. 2.
    Click on Web and mobile apps > Add App > Add custom SAML app
Add SAML App
  1. 3.
    Add App Name and App Icon, click Continue
App Details
  1. 4.
    Note the IdP Metadata details
Copy the SSO URL, Entity ID and download the Certificate file
IdP Details
  1. 5.
    Create Service Provider Details
Get the <organization-name> from Paradime Support and replace in the following URLs:
  • ACS URL:<organization-name>
  • Entity ID: urn:auth0:paradime-io:samlp-<organization-name>
  1. 6.
    Enter the Service provider details:
  • Use the ACS URL and Entity ID from the previous step
  • Set Name ID format = EMAIL
  • Click Continue
Service Provider Details
  1. 7.
    Set the attribute mappings and click Finish
Attribute Mapping
  1. 8.
    Add User Access
User Access
User Access
  1. 9.
    Wait for 30mins for Google to apply changes and confirm with Paradime Support that SAML is available to sign and login with in Paradime.