Okta SSO


Okta provides secure identity management and single sign-on to applications that you can add to your Okta account. From Okta, you and your users can log in to Okta and then access applications such as Paradime without having to log in to each application.

Organizations can use Okta OIDC to connect Paradime to their Okta instance. This page describes how to add configure the Okta connection for Paradime.

Creating an Okta OIDC Application

  1. To connect your Okta tenant as an identity Provider in Auth0, you must create an OIDC application. In your Okta Admin Dashboard, create a new application. Select Applications > Applications, and Create App Integration.

  2. Select Create New App. Choose OIDC as the Sign-in method. Choose Web Application as your Application Type. Select Next.

  3. Enter your App integration name as Paradime. Add as the callback URL in the Sign-in redirect URIs field the following URL depending on your region as follows: US 🇺🇸: https://auth.us.paradime.io/login/callback EU 🇪🇺: https://auth.paradime.io/login/callback Click Save

  4. Once the Paradime app is created, find your Client ID and Client Secret fields.

  5. Share your Okta Domain, Client ID and Client Secret securely with support@paradime.io using a Password Manager like Dashlane or 1Password.

  6. For security reasons like preventing man-in-the-middle attacks, Paradime only allows authentication from the Service Provider i.e. we don’t allow IdP initiated logins. To create an experience where your users can still click on the app in Okta, we recommend the following:

    • Once you have created the Paradime app, make it hidden so no user can access it.

    • Create a bookmark app (instructions here) in Okta and point the app to https://app.paradime.io

    • this way the user will always be directed to the Paradime login screen and will then use the Okta SSO to finally login to Paradime

  7. Once you have shared the details, Paradime will setup the Okta connection and then users in your organisation will see a **Continue with Okta** button during login and once they click the Okta option they will go through your Okta MFA Authentication process and will be able to login to Paradime.

Make sure you add all the users who need access to Paradime either individually or as a group added to the Paradime app in Okta.

If you already have an existing Google SSO setup, then using the Okta option, Paradime will automatically link your accounts and once account is linked Paradime will ask you to login again and you can then use Okta for all future logins.

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