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Azure AD SSO


Azure AD provides secure identity management and single sign-on to applications that you can add to your Azure Active Directory. From Azure AD, you can provision users who should have access to Paradime i.e. any user added to your Azure AD application, will be able to register / login to Paradime.

Creating an application

Log into the Azure portal and select Azure Active Directory page, choose the relevant directory where you want to register the new application.
  1. 1.
    On the left panel under Manage, select App registrations
  2. 2.
    On the top of your screen click on the + New registration button
Azure AD register app
  1. 3.
    In the in the Name field enter Paradime
  2. 4.
    In the Supported account types select Accounts in this organizational directory only (single tenant)
  3. 5.
    From the dropdown, select the Web option, enter the Redirect URI based on your region and click on the Register button.
Redirect URI
eu-central-1 (EU - Frankfurt)
eu-west-1 (EU - Ireland)
eu-west-2 (EU - London)
us-east-1 (US East - N. Virginia)
ap-southeast-1 (Asia Pacific - Singapore)
ap-southeast-2 (Asia Pacific - Sydney)
Azure AD register app

Configuring permissions

  1. 6.
    On the left panel under Manage, select API permissions
  2. 7.
    Click on + Add permissions
Azure AD API permissions
  1. 8.
    Choose Microsoft Graph and select Delegated permissions
  2. 9.
    Select the permission as per the table below and click Add permission
API Name
Microsoft Graph
Microsoft Graph
Microsoft Graph
Azure AD API permissions
  1. 10.
    Now click on Grant admin consent to complete configuring the permissions required. You should see the Status column with a ✅ for the 3 permissions just granted
Azure AD grant permissions

Adding Users to an Enterprise Application

Now that you registered the application and granted the appropriate API permissions, you will want to assign the list of users that you want to enable to register / login to Paradime.
  1. 11.
    Navigate back to the Azure Active Directory where you created the nee application and from the left panel select Enterprise Applications
  2. 12.
    From the list, select the application you just created
  3. 13.
    In the left panel now select Users and groups
  4. 14.
    Click on + Add user/group and assign from your list the users/group you want to enable to register / login into Paradime
Azure AD add users

Get ClientID, Client Secret and primary domain

Now that the app is configured with the required API permissions and users have been added to our Paradime enterprise application, we will need generate a Client secret and collect the Client ID and Azure AD primary domain.

Find the Azure AD primary domain

  1. 15.
    To find the Azure AD domain, navigate to your Azure Directory home screen, you will find the Primary domain in the Basic information section
Azure AD primary domain

Get your Client ID

  1. 16.
    To find your Client ID, on the left panel under Manage, select App registrations
  2. 17.
    Select the Application you created the previous steps and in the Overview page copy the Application (client) ID
Azure AD Client ID

Generate a Client Secret

  1. 18.
    Under Manage, click Certificates & secrets
  2. 19.
    Click +New client secret
Azure AD Client Secret
  1. 20.
    Name the client secret "paradime" (or similar) to identify the secret
  2. 21.
    Select 730 days (24 months) as the expiration value for this secret (recommended)
Azure AD Client Secret
  1. 22.
    Click Add to finish creating the client secret value (not the client secret ID)
  2. 23.
    Record the generated client secret somewhere safe. Later in the setup process, we'll use this client secret in dbt Cloud™️ to finish configuring the integration.
Azure AD Client Secret

Configuring Paradime to enable Azure AD SSO

Contact the Paradime Support team at [email protected] and share the following information:
  • Your Microsoft Azure AD Domain
  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
Paradime Support will process your request. After receiving a confirmation email, you can start logging into Paradime and only users in your Azure AD will be login to your account in Paradime using SSO.