Google Workspace SSO


Google Workspace provides secure identity management and single sign-on to applications that you can add to your Google Workspace. From Google Workspace, you can automatically provision users who should have access to Paradime i.e. any user who has access to your Google Workspace, will be able to register / login to Paradime.

Setting up in Google

1. Register an OAuth 2.0 app

In your Google API Console set up an OAuth app by following the instructions here:

During the setup, make sure you choose the following options:

1.1 User Type:

Set to Internal

1.2 Authorized Domains:

In the Authorized domain fields make sure you have at least the following:

  • your email domain e.g. if your email is then


1.3 Add or remove scopes:

Choose the following user scopes:

  • ../auth/

  • ../auth/userinfo.profile

  • openid

You should not choose any sensitive / restricted scopes. If you already have an OAuth 2.0 App setup, then you only need to make sure the Authorized Domains field is correct by following 1.2 above.

2. Create client-id and secret

2.1 Create Credentials

Navigate to the Credentials tab within your Google API Console and click on Create Credentials. Choose OAuth client ID option.

2.2 Enter details

  • Choose Application type=Web application.

  • Authorized Javascript origins: enter

  • Authorized redirect URIs: enter

  • Click Create

2.3 Get the client-id and secret

Note down the client-id and client-secret when the OAuth client created.

Configuring Paradime for workspace

Contact the Paradime Support team at and share the following information:

  • your

  • Client ID

  • Client Secret

Paradime Support will process your request. After receiving a confirmation email, you can start logging into Paradime and only users in your Google Workspace will be login to your account in Paradime.

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