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Writing a Query

Using the Paradime SQL workbench you can write queries directly against your connected databases.
Paradime uses the Development Environment default connection to query information schema and to run your SQL queries against your data warehouse.\
👇 Check how to connect your Development environment below.

Work with the database explorer panel

Use the database explorer panel to access the schemas and tables to query and explore data directly in the Paradime SQL workbench.
You can click on the database dropdown to switch databases and use the search bar to quickly find table names in your schema.
To refresh the schemas and tables available hit, the refresh button.

Create queries on the fly

With the Paradime SQL workbench, you can build and write SQL at speed. Click on the more button button next to the table name of your schema or in the table details panel to open the context menu.
Here you can insert in your active worksheet tab:
  • Create a CTE including all columns in the selected table
  • Create a simple select statement of your selected table
  • Insert in a query the qualified name of your selected able

View Tables column details

To view columns and data types for a table in your data warehouse, click on a table name to open the info panel. Here you can also see additional metadata related to your table such as:
  • Row Count
  • Size
  • Created date
  • Updated date