Getting Started

🧑‍💻 Onboard your organization in less than 3 minutes, so you and your team members can start build, execute, analyze and collaborate around your data models in one single platform.

Setup your organization

To get started you will need to create a Paradime account and setup your first workspace. You will need to:

1. Connect a Git repository

Connect a Git repository with an existing dbt™️ project or connect an empty repository where you can start building your first dbt™️ models.

pageImporting a repository by git URL

2. Connect to your data warehouse

Connect to your data warehouse provider so that you can start running your dbt™️ transformation against your development environment.

pageDevelopment environment

3. Invite your teammates

Finally start adding additional users to your Paradime workspace to start build dbt™️ models together or to enable business user to access your data product docs.

pageInvite users

4. Setup your first production schedule

To run dbt™️ in production you will need to setup your first production schedules in Paradime. Check our docs below on how to get started:

pageCreate your first dbt™️ schedule

Discover all features available in

Check our Tutorials section to start explore Paradime features.

Or read our docs for each of the Paradime features in details.

pageGet startedpageReal-time data lineagepageSearch and DiscoverypageRunning dbt™️ in productionpageLineage Diff Analysis

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