Lineage Preview

The Lineage Preview in the editor, will will be always based in the context of your development and it is generated based on your current selected git branch.

You can view dbt™️ models lineage dependencies right in your editor while developing.

In the panel, you will be able to see all the immediate dependencies (+1/-1) based on the model you are currently viewing in the editor.

As you move across dbt™️ models, the lineage panel will be updated displaying the new dependencies. Edit your dependencies and commit you changes to see a new version of your lineage.

You can use the lineage to help you navigate and open dbt™️ resources in the Paradime Editor by hovering on a node and clicking on the 👁️eye icon.

View the full lineage graph

To view the full lineage graph for the currently selected dbt™️ model, click the "expand" icon on the within the lineage view.

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