Paradime Scratchpad creates temporary, gitignored files, supports SQL, dbt models, and Python. Draft code, perform tests, and instantly preview query results with instant data preview.

Scratchpad is a Code IDE feature designed to create temporary files for quick tasks, tests, or experiments without cluttering your project repository.

These files are gitignored, so they won’t be tracked or committed, keeping your repository clean. Additionally, scratchpad files are persistent, remaining available even after logging out and logging back in, allowing you to continue your work without losing progress.


When you create a new scratchpad file, it automatically generates a new folder named "paradime_scratch," with individual files like “scratch-1”, “scratch-2” and so on, ensuring each scratchpad file is neatly organized. You can rename the files as needed.

Use Cases

  • Draft code snippets that can be refined later, supporting various languages like SQL, dbt models, and Python.

  • Perform quick tests or experiments without affecting the main codebase.

  • Quickly jot down notes or intermediary steps during development.

  • Instantly preview SQL query results to validate and debug code.

Instant Data Explorer

Leverage the Data Explorer to preview your compiled SQL and results without having to first compile you dbt™️ resources.

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