Git Advanced

Use git Advanced to unleash the full power of the Paradime editor with a fully fledged git interface for advanced users. Choose your preferred setup in the editor preferences.

Create or switch Branches

To create a new branch click on the branch name on the bottom-left of your screen, from the menu select Create a new branch and add the new branch name. Press Enter to create your new branch.

Make sure to Publish to remote the new branch you just created.

The default Git behavior is to create a new branch form the currently checked out branch. If you want to create a new branch based on the latests version of Main/Master, make sure to: 1. First select the Main/Master branch 2. Update your local Main/Master by doing a Git Pull 3. Now create the branch from the UI

Commit and Push your Changes

Staging changes

When using Git Advance before committing you changes you need to select which files you want to stage first. This is the equivalent of the Git command git add. Here you can choose to stage all you changed files or selectively choose the file to be included in the next commit.

Commit your changes and push to remote

After you staged you changes you can now enter a commit message and click on the commit button on the top of the Git Advance panel option or from the More options context menu.

Open Pull Request

Now that you have created your commits and pushed your changes you can use the Open Pull Request option to go directly to your Git Provider interface and open a PR for review.

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