Git Lite

Git Lite is for users starting their journey with git, with a purpose built git flow to make sure you never get our of sync from your main branch. Choose your preferred setup in the editor preferences.

Create or switch Branches

Paradime will always create a new branch from your remote main/master branch. If switching to an existing branch Paradime will automatically switch branch using your remote selected branch.

Create a new branch by clicking on the branch dropdown and select the create new branch option from the menu. Enter a branch name and continue.

Switch to an existing branch. Click on the branch and select a branch name from the list, use the search bar to filter your branches and click on the branch name to switch.

The list of available branches is automatically updated every 30 minutes. But you can use the refresh button to fetch new branches manually.

Keep your branch up to date

With the new git lite experience, we automatically check if your current branch is behind your remote branch or your main/master branch. This happen every time you make a commit to your branch.

Additionally you can click on the refresh button to manually trigger a git refresh. This will check if your branch is still up to date and pull any new available branch in the branch list.

Commit and Push your Changes

When you have file changes you want to commit, enter a message in the commit message box and click on Commit and Push.

Paradime will commit and push changes to your remote branch. If your branch is behind your remote, we will also automatically pull and merge your remote changes in your current branch.

You can also discard all changes by clicking on the Discard Changes button.

Open Pull Request

This button is enabled only when your branch is clean, no uncommitted changes.

You can click on the Open Pull Request button to open your git provider site and compare your current branch against your main/master to open a pull request.

Revert your last commit

If you find yourself wanting to revert the last committed changes, you can click on the top right corner on Revert Commit to revert the last commit you have on your current branch.

You will see in the dialog the commit details include the commit message, click on continue to complete the operation.

Merge Conflicts

In the event where you have merge conflicts, Git lite can help you resolve them. See our merge conflict documentation for details.

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