Paradime integrates with Github by installing the Paradime Github app in your organization. This integration will enable CI/CD features when a Pull Request is opened in GitHub

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To install the Paradime GitHub integration, you must be a GitHub organization owner. You can find more details here on GitHub organization roles.

Connect the GitHub integration

he Github integration is set up by the Admin user for your organization profile. To enable the integration open your Account Settings > Integrations find the Github integration and click Connect, you will then be redirected to the Github authentication page.

After authenticating in GitHub, if you are an organization owner, you will be able to choose from the dropdown the git repositories connected to Paradime where you can Install and authorize the GitHub Paradime application.

Request the installation to a GitHub organization owner

If you are not an organization owner, you will be able to select the GitHub where you want the Paradime integration to be installed, and click on the Authorize & Request button.

This will send an automated email to your GitHub organization admin to fulfil your request.

Share installation details to your GitHub organization admin

After sending a request to install teh GitHub Paradime app, Paradime will send you an automated email with a short guide on how to complete the installation.

You can forward the email to your GutHub org admin, or enter their email address in the below prompt to send an email directly from Paradime.

To complete the configuration, the GitHub admin will need to enter your Paradime organization name as part of the installation.

Below is the flow a GitHub organization will need to follow to complete the installation. After clicking on the automated email sent from GitHub, approve the installation for the requested git repository.

GitHub user level OAuth

After connecting the GitHub app integration to Paradime, Paradime user should complete the user level OAuth to complete the setup and use CI/CD features.

To complete the user level GitHub OAuth, navigate to profile setting > profile and click on the option Connect for the GitHub integration.

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