Tableau Server prerequisites

Enable the Tableau Metadata API

For Tableau Server, make sure to enable the Tableau Metadata API. Check the Tableau's documentation. Metadata API is always enabled for Tableau Online.

Ensure you are running the latest version of Tableau Server or Tableau Online (2020.1 or higher).

The Paradime integration will only extract from the Metadata API, published Tableau assets.

Whitelist Paradime IP

If using Tableau Server, make sure to allow traffic from one of the Paradime IPs in your firewall depending on the data location selected. See also: Paradime IP addresses.

Update Cloudflare’s Browser Integrity Check (BIC) rules

Paradime IP Address: If you are using Cloudflare, your firewall might be blocking Paradime's request to call Tableau's Metadata API. Ensure to update your firewall rules and create a firewall skip rule with Paradime IP address.

Create a dedicated Tableau user for Paradime

We advise creating a new Tableau user, in order to grant the correct access required to connect using the Tableau Metadata API.

Ensure you add a user with the role Site Administrator Explorer to the site you want to connect to.

👉 Check the Tableau's documentation on how you can create new users.

Grant the correct permissions

Ensure your new users has the Site Administrator Explorer permission for all the sire you want to connect to.

👉 Check the Tableau's documentation' on howe to grant this role for a specific site.

Your Tableau Metadata API credentials

Paradime connects to Tableau via the Tableau Metadata API. In order for Paradime to connect to Tableau we require:

  • Host name:

    • for Tableau Cloud it will look like this: simply copy the url after logging in to your Tableau Instance - Make sure to include the Tableau site you want Paradime to connect to.

    • for Tableau Server it will look like this: copy the url after logging in to your Tableau Instance.

  • Token Name

  • Token Secret

Generate your Personal Access Token

  • After creating our new user in Tableau and grant the correct access permission, we can now generate the Personal Access Token that we will use to connect he integration.

👉 Check the Tableau's documentation

In the Tableau UI:

  1. Click on your avatar on the top right of your screen and navigate to the My Account Settings

  2. Select the Settings Tab and scroll to the Personal Access Token section

  3. Add a Token name in the input bar (for example paradime) and click on Create new token, make sure to save the Token Name and Secret as these will be needed to connect the integration in Paradime.

If you will delete the Token Name from your account in Tableau, the integration in Paradime will stop working.

Connect the Tableau integration

The Tableau integration is set up by the Admin user for your organization profile. To enable the integration open your Account Settings > Integrations find the Tableau integration and click Connect.

  1. Add your Host Name, Token Name and Secret to get Paradime connected to your Tableau instance.

  2. Click on Test Connection to validate that Paradime can connect to the Tableau API


What Metadata API endpoints paradime uses to extract metadata for this integration?

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