In Paradime you can setup multiple workspaces, where a workspace is .a self-contained unit where teams can do their analytics work.

Each workspace comes with its own repo, users, data warehouse connections, production schedules, alerting, notifications, dbt™️-version, and integrations.

When you join Paradime, you will start with a default workspace, and based on your plan you are able to spin up multiple workspaces.

Create a new workspaces

Only a paradime user with Admin access can create new workspaces.

To spin up a new workspaces click on the workspaces dropdown and select the option Manage Workspaces from the menu.

Here you will see a list of all available workspaces already created. Click on Add New Workspace to start setting up your new Paradime workspace.

1. Configure your new workspace

Add a new workspace name, and choose whether to enable auto-join. See below for more info.

Enable Auto-join

2. Setup your dbt™️ workspace settings

For each workspace in Paradime you are able to choose with dbt™️ version you want to run.

3. Connect your dbt™️ project repository

Time to now connect your dbt™️ repository, select your Git provider and connect your repo. See below for more info on importing your dbt™️ project.

Importing a repository by git URL

4.Finally connect a development environment

To complete the workspace setup, you will need to connect your data warehouse development environment connection. Select your data warehouse provider and add the requited credentials. For more info on data warehouse providers authentication methods check the link below.

Development environment

Collaborate with your teammates in your new workspace

When enabling auto-join for a workspace, user will be able to see in the workspaces list and the option to join such workspaces with Paradime role Business.

To onboard your teammates to your new workspace as an Admin/Developer, simply navigate to team/settings and invite new users to your workspace. See more on the link below.

User Management

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