Lineage Diff Analysis

View blast radius of your changes when opening a PR

With the lineage diff report, you can now understand the blast radius of your changes directly in your PRs. Using field-level lineage, when opening a PR this CI check will identify changes to a column in your dbt™️ model and create a report for all the downstream objects impacted.

This includes renaming or removing a column, as well as changes to the underlying logic of a column in your dbt™️ models. When a PR is open, an automated comment is created listing all the downstream dbt™️ models as well as nodes in your BI layer.

This will enable Paradime users to understand what changes a PR is introducing at a column level, all the way to what BI dashboard might be impacted by the change.

Check also how to setup a BI Integration.

TableauThoughtSpot (Beta)


Setup the GitHub integration

To use this feature it is required to install the Paradime Github app and authorize access to the dbt™️ repository used in Paradime.

ℹ️ Check our installation guide for the GitHub integration here.

Add a Production connection with access to your sources and models generated when running production jobs

The Production environment must be configured to enable Paradime to run information schema queries.

This is required to be able to build field level lineage when a column is not defined in your dbt™️ models, or when new columns are generated for example when using a pivot macro.

To use this feature it is required to have a production environment configured in Paradime.

ℹ️ Check our setup guide here based on your data warehouse provider.

Have at least one Bolt schedule configured

Currently this is required to be able to generate field level lineage for your dbt™️ project. If you already have a Bolt schedule configured then you are good to go.

Otherwise you will need to setup at least one Bolt schedule.

No specific dbt™️ command is required for Lineage diff report, a simple dbt compile will be enough, the schedule can be set as OFF.

Create your first dbt™️ schedule


Unable to find public GitHub email address

If a user GitHub is not configured correctly when opening a PR the user will see the below error in the CI comment: Unable to find public GitHub email address

To fix this issue, make sure the user opening the Pull Request completed the GitHub Oauth authentication in Paradime.


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