ThoughtSpot (Beta)

Create a dedicated ThoughtSpot user for Paradime

We recommend creating a new ThoughtSpot user, to grant the correct access required to connect all your ThoughtSpot nodes to your dbt data models in Paradime.

Create a ThoughtSpot user

  1. Log in to your ThoughtSpot instance.

  2. Navigate to the admin console, click on Admin in the top header.

  3. In the left panel, under User Management click on Users and then select Add User.

  4. In the Add a new user dialog, enter the following details:

    • For Username, enter a username for the new user.

    • For Display name, add a meaningful name for the new user for example, Paradime.For Sharing visibility, keep the default selection — SHAREABLE.

    • For New password, enter a password for the new user and confirm it in the next step.

    • For Email, enter an email address for the new user.

    • Click Add to add the new user.

The new user will be assigned Can upload user data and Can download data permissions by default.

Connect the ThoughtSpot integration

The ThoughtSpot integration is set up by the Admin user for your organization profile. To enable the integration open your Account Settings > Integrations find the ThoughtSpot integration and click Connect.

  1. Add your Host Name, Username and Password to get Paradime connected to your ThoughtSpot instance.

  2. Click on Test Connection to validate that Paradime can connect to your ThoughtSpot account.

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