Running dbt™️

Using the Paradime integrate terminal, you can run dbt™️ CLI to develop and build your dbt™️ models.

Check the list of all the available dbt™️ commands here.

To open a new terminal click on the New Terminal button or use the keyboard shortcut ⌃⇧` / Ctrl+⇧+`

dbt™️ autocompletion

Paradime Integrated terminal provides autocompletion for both dbt™️ commands and you can tab-complete model, tag, source, and package selectors to node selection flags like --select and --exclude. Check out dbt™️ syntax overview docs.

Type dbt™️ in your terminal and use ⇥tab key in your keyboard to get dbt™ autocompletion.

Use the ⇥tab or up/down keys to navigate through the list of resources/ commands.

dbt™️ commands quick action

The Run dbt™️ models button allows users to quickly access dbt™️ commands for the current file on focus in your Editor. Here you have a set of popular dbt™️ commands such as Build/Run/Test with options to include:

  • only the current selected resource: example dbt run --select <model_name>

  • current selected resource with upstream dependencies: example dbt run --select +<model_name>

  • current selected resource with downstream dependencies: example dbt run --select <model_name>+

Additionally you can check that your dbt™️ environment is correctly setup and ready by selecting Check dbt™️ is working from the context menu. This will run dbt deps && dbt debug.

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