Search and Discovery

Paradime catalog allows you to search and discover dbt™️ documentation as well as BI tools and ELT integrations data assets.

Check our integrations here to enhance your data discovery experience.

pageAmazon S3

At the top of your screen you can use the search bar to enter a data product name, description or tags. You can use the checkboxes to refine your search.

Filter your search results

On the right-hand side you can use the filter panel to refine your search results. You can select/deselect what data product to show in your search results.

Under the classification section, you can add filter based on dbt™️ meta tags available in your connected dbt™️ project in your Paradime workspace.

Discover data products

Using the left-panel you can navigate through your data products for all the connected integrations. Simply expand each category to find new tables or dashboards.

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